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The web server also calls the web space or web host, is one of the three major part of the site, of course, a few days ago also wrote an article: do SEO also should start from the three elements of the most basic web site. Since is part three, of course, is also a very important factor, but also can directly affect the SEO effect.

Wenzhou fingertips future technology co., LTD. Tell everyone generally choose site must pay attention to the details of the service:


Speed is the most concern for our each friend buy space, this also directly affect the speed of we visit the web site. Believe that everyone loves to browse some open the website! I don't think who is willing to spend a few minutes of waiting for the results and then watch the website! I believe that the spider also don't like the site access speed too slow, because speed is too slow can cause a lot of page access failure, is the cause of this situation results in spider likely to our web site content included into can't open the page, some even are garbled.


The stability of the general space can be know, only by to use within a short period of time is can't see a host is not stable. Here is stable, is refers to the website whenever you visit, website is basically normal, except of course website maintenance time. Stability, if three days two days won't open, can also lead to the website user experience degree is reduced, the passage of time may also cause web spiders often can't crawl, also because the K station.


Security is the basis of a web server, if the speed and stability of the two conditions are met, the security is not high. Regular attack, will also affect the normal use of the website, it will also directly affect the effect of SEO. Recently we also encountered such a problem, such as ranking just rising displacement potential, but really attacked the website, the main part of the program is deleted website cannot be accessed, only to find keywords Ranking directly disappear!
The above three factors can directly affect our site SEO effect, so we should first consider when buying the above condition. And, of course, a few small details if we can note that good for SEO is also helpful. Usually I will pay attention to what aspects:

1, the independent IP:

Suggest you do SEO website choose independent IP space as far as possible, so that our website don't have to consider whether the IP with other sites under the influence. This just recommend you to consider, in general, there is no special requirement, just reduce the site affected.

2, the server environment:

This depends on the process we use, such as our proposal if it is a PHP application using Linux, because Linux system security and stability are much higher.

3, the server line:

As our domestic have double, telecom, netcom, generally in accordance with the requirements of the use of our website to order, is generally the most used telecommunication lines, if it is small business web site this is nothing special requirements. Also basically see our web site's target customers are mainly from which region, if is the domestic server, this is no this kind of view!

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